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Aquarium Fish Tank with Underwater Color Changing Lights – DIY Tutorial

Check out my latest project: decorate your fish tank or aquarium with color-changing lights. This tutorial shows how to assemble and waterproof your NeoPixel lights so you can bury them under seashells or sea glass at the bottom of your...

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Get Your Own PaperCraft Crystal Gems – PaperCraft Kits and Digital Downloads Now On Sale

You asked for them, and they’re here! Purchase your own PaperCraft Crystal Gem kits. Three different styles are available: Infinity Crystals, Khyber Crystals, or Thra Crystals. I’ve stocked my Etsy shop with a couple options: get a digital download...

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Easy Halloween Electronics Tutorials

Halloween is my favorite holiday, but this year I am a little ambivalent. With Covid still running rampant (though admittedly not too much in this area) there are no Halloween parties, no gigs, no parades and no real reason...

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New Guide: Rainbow Fairy Light Bottle Lamp for Ada Lovelace Day

Check out my newest tutorial Рjust in time for Ada Lovelace Day! Make a lovely glowing bottle lamp with a Circuit Playground Express and a strand of warm white fairy lights. Choose colors or light animations using Microsoft MakeCode,...

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Bluetooth Room Design

Bluetooth Controlled Room Lights Tutorial – DIY Home Automation for Beginners

I’ve been meaning to upgrade the lights in my bedroom since the day we moved into this house. I’ve added some fun light-up artwork in there, including my paper mache dragon and the new dragon wall sconces. It’s getting...

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