Erin designs and builds amazing light-up and interactive costumes. Her most well known is Mermaid Glimmer, the world’s first and only programmable light-up swimming mermaid tail. The tail boasts around 200 LEDs, and can be animated and programmed to show hundreds of different animations. The tail is fully submersible, and Erin has performed and done photo shoots all over the world as the Mermaid Glimmer persona.

In keeping with her love for the ocean, Erin has also designed an interactive “Plastic Jellyfish” dress for a tech-themed fashion show, to raise awareness about plastics in the ocean. Turtles can’t tell the difference between a plastic bag and a jellyfish, so thousands of them choke on our trash every year. This jellyfish dress is made entirely from plastic grocery bags, with animated LED lights that mimic bioluminescent jellies and trigger when the dress is moved around, fluttering like a jellyfish body.

Erin has also made a lot of costumes for LED light dancers and performers, including an illuminated snow fairy dress with fiber optics, a laser-cut acrylic crown and motion reactivity. She has also created stunning LED corsets, headdresses that move, and dozens of other unique creations. Poke around in Erin’s blog to discover these delightful projects for yourself.